Data journalism

1 DAY 

Aimed at: Journalists wanting to improve their Excel skills to analyse and navigate data sent to them in spreadsheets.


Workshop contents: Delegates will learn how to find stories hidden in data. They will be shown techniques to analyse and interpret data for readers.


  • An introduction to Excel's functions, such as Sum, Average, Max, Min, VLookUp, Text and Count
  • How to use these functions in practical spreadsheet exercisesz How to use other features: sorting, converting data into tables and separating text data into spreadsheet columns
  • Pivot tables: how to use them to find patterns in a mass of data
  • A look at how internet-sourced spreadsheets can be tweaked, repaired and overhauled to give you a clear analysis of results for publication
  • Practical exercises throughout based on data you regularly have to work with
  • This course assumes a basic knowledge of spreadsheets

Not for: Those who have a fear of figures

Fee: £380+vat

RUN THIS IN-HOUSE: If you have four or more delegates we can run this as a bespoke course for your team and save you money.